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8. ()牡蠣(がき) (Grilled oyster at a fish shop in Kyoto)

[Context] トモちゃん decided to order a freshly-shucked-and-grilled oyster at the fish shop in Kyoto.


    • 帆立(ほたて) scallop
      むっちゃ(Kansai) =とても、すごく
      でかい (Kansai, blunt) = すごく大きい
      養殖(ようしょく) farm raised
      サザエ turban shell, top shell
      貝柱(かいばしら) shell ligament ( of a scallop)
      ()うて行きよる (Kansai) = blunt / pejorative expression of 食べて行く(refer to Ch4.L4.G2)
      ()え (Kansai) “Eat!” (imperative, blunt expression, refer to Ch4.L3.G1)
      (まえ)ら blunt expression of あなた(たち)
      結構(けっこう) quite
      一口(ひとくち) one bite
      (しる) juice, broth

内容質問(ないようしつもん)(Content Questions)