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1.魚屋(さかなや)で (At a fish shop in Otsu, Shiga)

[Context] ミツエさん is in a fish shop on the shopping street in her neighborhood. She just decided to buy two packs of にしん (herring).

Vocabulary List

    • にしん herring
      ()()わせ assorted dish
      商店街(しょうてんがい)shopping street
      はまち young yellowtail
      さわら Spanish mackerel
      味噌漬(みそづ)け fish/vegetables preserved in miso
      ()ける preserve; marinade; soak
      ぶり yellow tail
      ぐじ=あまだい snapper, Japanese tilefish

内容質問(ないようしつもん)(Content Questions)