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2. 八百屋(やおや)で (At a vegetable shop in Otsu, Shiga)

[Context] ミツエさん is in a vegetable shop on the same shopping street as the fish shop.


    • えんどう(まめ) peas
      むく peel
      生豆(きまめ) row peas
      (ごう)goh  (one goh =180 cc)
      ()く cook
      おねぎ(Kansai)=ねぎ scallion; green onion (polite)
      大束(おおたば) a big bunch ((たば)a bunch)
      らっきょう shallot; scallion
      ()ける soak; marinade
      (しお)()け food preserved in salt
      じかに directly
      ぐにゃぐにゃ flabby
      淡竹(はちく)a kind of 「筍」たけのこ」(bamboo shoot)
      ゆがく boil
      あく scum; harshness

内容質問(ないようしつもん)(Content Questions)