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10. 黒豆茶(くろまめちゃ) (Black bean tea at a shop in Kyoto)

[Context] トモちゃん just tried a sample of Black bean tea at a store in Kyoto that sells local specialties of Tanba area (located in the middle of Kyoto prefecture).


    • 黒豆(くろまめ) black beans
      ()だく break, smash, crush
      () vinegar (polite)
      いっぺんに (Kansai) =一度(いちど)に all at once
      賞味期限(しょうみきげん) expiration date
      便秘(べんぴ) constipation
      血圧(けつあつ) blood pressure
      安定(あんてい)する  be stabilized
      (はだ) skin (polite)
      血流(けつりゅう) blood flow
      さらさら smooth

内容質問(ないようしつもん)(Content Questions)