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14.京都(きょうと)魚屋(さかなや)で (At a fish shop in Kyoto)

[Context] A fish dealer is trying hard to sell fish.


    • たい sea bream, red snapper
      ひらめ flounder
      () body
      やらかい (Kansai) = (やわ)らかい soft, tender
      たこ octopus
      よこわ young tuna
      (つく)り (Kansai) = さしみ
      ()(どく) a bargain
      さば mackerel
      うなぎ eel
      はも pike conger (eel)
      トロ fatty meat of tuna
      鉄火巻(てっかまき) tuna roll
      値打(ねう)ち value
      価格(かかく) price
       ありまっせ (Kansai) = ありますよ
      (かん) counter for sushi
      ()(かん) fifty-fifty, going Dutch

内容質問(ないようしつもん)(Content Questions)