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7. 生牡蠣(なまがき) (Raw oyster at a fish shop in Kyoto)

[Context] A fish dealer was shucking oysters at his fish shop in Kyoto, and it caught トモちゃん’s attention.


    • () the body
      ()える grow fat, put on weight
      美味(おい)しんぼ the title of a popular manga about gourmet foods
      時期(じき) time, period
      かつお bonito
      一概(いちがい)に indiscriminately, sweepingly
      ちなみに incidentally, by the way, in this connection
      (なま) raw
      ()(とお)す cook, heat up
      牡蠣鍋(かきなべ) oyster hot pot
      出汁(だし) broth, soup, stock
      ぐつぐつ()る simmer hard
      ちっちゃいちっちゃい (Kansai) とても(ちい)さな
      (まめ) beans
      出涸(でが)らし tea leaves used over and over until they have no scent or taste
      冷凍(れいとう) frozen
      牡蠣フライ fried oyster
      状態(じょうたい) state, condition
      くさい smelly
      実践(じっせん)するpractice, put into practice
      信用(しんよう)する trust
      しんどい (Kansai) hard, tired
      一切(いっさい)(- neg) never, not – at all
      職業病(しょくぎょうびょう) occupational disease
      めちゃ(Kansai) =とても、すごく
      ことわざ proverb
      (はず)れ a miss, a failure

内容質問(ないようしつもん)(Content Questions)