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11.黒豆茶(くろまめちゃ)2 (Black bean tea at a shop in Kyoto, part 2)

[Context] After purchasing black beans for tea, トモちゃん and the video shooter keep chatting with the sales lady of the store in Kyoto that sells local specialties of Tanba area (located in the middle of Kyoto prefecture).


    • 梅干(うめぼ)し pickled plum, pickled Japanese apricot
      ()し梅干し dried pickled plum
      牡蠣(かき) oyster
      サザエ turban shell, top shell
      いちじく fig
      ()はった (Kansai honorific – refer to Ch4.L4.G1)
      ()しみかん dried mandarin orange
      携帯(けいたい) cell phone
      瓶詰(びんづ)め bottled
      ()る boil, cook, simmer
      黒豆煮(くろまめに) boiled black beans
      (のう) brain
      活性化(かっせいか)する activate, vitalize
      つやつや smooth and shiny
      ()れる get rough
      便秘(べんぴ) constipation
      正常化(せいじょうか) normalize
      スマート slender, slim

内容質問(ないようしつもん)(Content Questions)