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5. 漬け物屋(つけものや)で (At a pickle store in Kyoto)

[Context] トモちゃん is in a pickled vegetable store in Kyoto, thinking of buying some preserved vegetables for her father as a gift on Father’s day.


    • 日保(ひも)ちする preserve, keep for a long time
      真空(しんくう)パック vacuum packing
      商品(しょうひん) merchandize
      常温(じょうおん) room temperature
      ()つ last, be preserved
      浅漬(あさづ)け vegetables lightly pickled
      冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ) refrigerator
      (すす)め recommendation
      ごぼう burdock
      きゅうり cucumber
      (きざ)む cut fine, chop up
      (かお)り aroma
      (うめ) plum
      かつお bonito, dried bonito flake
      柴漬(しばづ)け pickled cucumber in plum vinegar
      (なか)ば the middle of …
      微妙(びみょう) subtle, delicate, not sure (to negate indirectly)
      ちなみに incidentally, by the way, in this connection
      予算(よさん) estimate, budget
      種類(しゅるい) kind
      (とく)(な) economical, profitable
      (この)み preference
      はずれる miss
      ()たる hit, strike, be correct (<->はずれる)
      (つつ)む wrap
      時期(じき) time, period
      なす eggplant
      (うり) melon
      味見(あじみ) tasting
      つる vine, tendril
      定番(ていばん)standard goods

内容質問(ないようしつもん)(Content Questions)