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ビデオ()()練習(れんしゅう)9: Authentic - short

Watch the video clip and choose the answer that matches the content of the clip.
*Click "SHOW" if you need to refer to the transcript.

Tobita-san is talking about child safety. (*The number of children who got kidnapped and murdered on their way home from school had increased, and that was a great concern among parents at the time of the interview in 2006.)
    • ほんで、(いま)みたい、その、(ひと)(ころ)されたりすっ(とき)は、(おく)(むか)せんならん (Grammar 3)しね。(ぼく)らでも送り迎いしとるんですわ。その、その、自分(じぶん)子供(こども)やのうてもね、登校(とうこう)んときに当番 (とうばん)()めて。まあ,そんな時代(じだい)ですんでね。

登校(とうこう)する go to (attend) school
当番(とうばん)on duty, one’s turn in charge
 トビタさん (Shiga)