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関西(かんさい)外国人(がいこくじん)  Kansai Foreigners

We interviewed some foreigners who currently live or used to live in Kansai area. Interviews were conducted first in English, and then in Kansai-ben. Watch their video clips and see what they think about Kansai-ben and Kansai people!

リー さん
Voice actor / comedian who has lived in Osaka since 2000. Prior to his move to Osaka, he studied standard Japanese for 2 years at a high school in the US and stayed in Tokyo for 18 months.

エ リックさん
Teacher at an university in Tokyo who has lived in Tokyo for a total of 6 years and in Osaka for 10 months. He did formal study of standard Japanese for 3 years in the US and in Japan. Since his wife is from Nara Prefecture he has also spent time there off and on.