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エリックさんへのインタビュー Interview to Eric-san (in Kansai-ben)

Q: How did you learn Kansai-ben?
Q: Which did you leanr first, Standard or Kansai-ben?

Q: Any benefits from speaking Kansai-ben?
Q: Any characteristic differences between Kansai people and Tokyonite?

Q: Can foreigners get by in Kansai without any knowledge of Kansai-ben?
Q: Youe favorite Kansai word?

Q: Should foreigners learn a Japanese dialect?
Q: Any differences within Kansai-ben in terms of difficulty?

Q: Will this Kansai-ben study site be beneficial?
Q: Personality differences when speaking Kansai-ben / Standard / English?

Q: Any suggestions to Japanese (Kansai-ben) learners?
Q: Are you glad that you can speak Kansai-ben?

Q: Is Kansai-ben suitable for TV news?
Q: What do you think about Kansai-ben in media? (the reason manzai in Kansai-ben is funny)