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練習(れんしゅう)4: Utilization

What would you say in the following situations in Kansai-ben? Try to ask in several ways.
*Answers vary; the recorded answers indicate those commonly used.
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Example Answer
1.  Your host mother served nattoo (fermented soybeans) that you don’t like. Ask her (politely) if it’s all right that not to eat nattoo.
    • 納 豆(なっとう)(じつ)はあんまり()きちゃうんですけど、()べんでもかまいませんか?/食べんでも いいですか?

2. You just ate dinner with your friend, and your friend offered to pay for both of you. Make sure if it’s really all right that you don’t pay anything.
    • ほ んまになんも(はら)わんでええの?/(はら)わんでかまへんの?
3.  You haven’t finished reading a magazine you have borrowed from your friend. Ask her if you don’t need to return it to her by the end of the day.
    • こ の雑誌(ざっし)今日中(きょうじゅう)(かえ)さんでもええやんな?/今日中に返さんでもかまへんやんな?

4. Ask your colleague until when you have to make a copy of this document (shorui).
    • 書類(しょるい)いつまでにコピーせなあきませんの?/いつまでにコピーせんとあきませんの?

5. You want to go to Nishinomiya, but you are not sure if the train you are on goes there.  Tell the conductor where you want to go, and ask him if you have to transfer.
    • 西宮(にしのみや)まで()きたいんですけど、()()えなあきませんか?/乗り換えんとあきませんか?