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練習(れんしゅう)4: Utilization

What would you say in the following situations in Kansai-ben? Try to ask in several ways. *Answers vary: the recorded answers indicate those commonly used.
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Example Answer
1. Ask your friend if it’s all right to borrow his/her pen which is near you.

    • このペン、()りてもかまへん?/借りてもええ?

2. Ask a stranger if it’s all right to have a seat right next to him/her.

    • (となり)(すわ)ってもかましません?/座ってもいいですか/座ってもかまいませんか?/座らしてもろてもいいです か?
3. Ask a stranger if it’s all right to smoke here.

    • ここでたばこ、()うてもかましません?/吸うてもいいですか?/吸うてもかまいませんか?
4. You found out that your friend has a comic book that you have wanted to read. Ask your friend if it’s all right to read it.
    • この漫画(まんが)()みたかってんけど、読んでもかまへん?/読んでもええ?

5. Your friend bought a DVD that looks interesting to you. Tell him that it looks interesting, and ask him if it’s all right to watch it. 
    • このDVD、おもしろそうやん!()てもかまへん?/見てもええ?
6. Somebody is about to park his car in your driveway. Tell him not to park his car there.

    • (くるま)、そこ()めんといて下さい。/そこ止めたらあきませんよ。
7. Tell the children in the neighborhood not to play on the street.
    • (みち)(あそ)んだ(ら)あかんで。/遊んだ(ら)いかんで。/遊ばんときや。/遊ばんと。

8. You just ordered iced coffee in a coffee shop. Ask the waitress not to put ice in your coffee.

    • すいません。コーヒーに(こおり)()れんといて(くだ)さいね。

9. Your friend drank too much. Tell him not to drink any more.

    • もう、()んだ(ら)あかんて。/もう飲んだ(ら)いかん。/もう飲まんとき。/もう飲むんやめとき。