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About People:

[Directors] Director: Ikue Shingu
Collaborator: Junko Hatanaka
Collaborator: Mayumi Ishida
[Design] Mayumi Ishida (Original homepage design)
Hisako Matsui (New homepage design)
Sky Russell (New Logo)
[Programming and Technical Support]
Josh Aresty
Cliff Myers
Benjamin Gleitzman
Mieszko Lis
Andy Wang
Mange Chen
[Advisory Group] Shigeru Miyagawa
Ruth Trometer
Kurt Fendt
Yoshitaka Yamashita
[Contributors] We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the people who agreed to appear in our video clips, people who kindly donated photos, illustrations and videos, and those who tried our prototype and gave us great insights!
  (お忙しい所インタビューにご協力下さった皆様、 写真やイラスト等寄付して下さった皆様、そしてプロトタイプを試用し貴 重な意見を下さった皆様、本当にどうもあり がと うございました!)
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