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練習(れんしゅう)5: Utilization

What would you say in the following situations in Kansai-ben? Try to ask in several ways.
*Answers vary; the recorded answers indicate those commonly used.
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Example Answer
1. Tell your classmate, who has missed many classes so far, to not skip the class anymore
    • もうクラス(やす)みなや。/休まんとき。

2. Tell your classmate, who is always late to submit homework, to finish his homework within the day.
    • 今日中(きょうじゅう)宿題(しゅくだい)してしまいや。
3. Your neighbor’s child is about to eat snacks right after playing with mud. Tell him to wash his hands before eating.
    • ()べる(まえ)()(あら)い。

4. Your friend is disappointed in his test score. Tell him not to be disappointed that much. Also tell him to cheer up.
    • そんながっかりしなや/せんと。元気(げんき)()しぃ。

5. Your friend got dead drunk. Tell him not to drink anymore.
    • あんた、もう()みなや。